A Brief His’n’Herstory of Time’n’Space


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We live on a small, puzzling planet in the outback of our dense galaxy, the Milky Way. We hold no memory of where we were before we came here, and even less of where we go when we leave. Most of us believe there is an eternal world higher than our own, and that our blink-of-an-eye existences are central to it.
This belief is the bedrock of many of our sacred institutions, who see themselves as the official bridge between the invisible sacred and the visible profane of Earthly existence. Because of that self-anointed role, they exercise considerable influence here, and claim their authority from the very heart of the on-high, as revealed by their prophets and recorded in their various scriptures.
But this out-of-balance view seems curiously human in its construction, through its prideful placement of Earthly existence as pivotal to our presumed eternal life. Surely a universe as complex and mysterious as our own, would devise a more interesting way of deploying its denizens than giving them one free pass to this benighted bone-yard and then all of eternity to regret or savor it.
Since our universe was created out of nothing, even if it were to become nothing again, it would retain the memory of having once been something. This memory is enough to allow it to become something from nothing again if it so chooses. Nothing to something to nothing to something again is a simple recipe for eternity. Because we exist as part of that same dynamic, we have the potential and capacity of existing forever, too, since our relationship with something and nothing has been officially established by our existence, and those two can then alternately play with us for as long as eternity lasts.
Since we are eternal, it makes far more sense that Earthlife revolves around eternity, using the latter as a central energy source, much as our planet employs the sun as its giver of light and life. Eternity, by its very nature, is endless time, a spiraling circle that continually regenerates itself so that it may live in a state of continuous continuance forever. Our existence is probably a long spiral through that realm’s many levels, and living on the Earth in human form is but one small stopover along the way.
Snowflakes of the Divine
Each one of us who inhabits a body on Earth is part of the Eternal. We probably exist there as sheer energy, as if we were snowflakes of the divine, with no two of us ever exactly alike. Each of us, instead, is unique, with gifts and failings galore, and an indelible individuality fashioned from our eccentric, personalized footsteps in and out of time. We are also part of a larger collective hierarchical whole, which allows us to run free with the angels and heavy-foot it through gravity at the same time, without missing a winged beat or a winded breath on either world.
We are probably the result of the Eternal breaking down into its many individual elements to give it further perspective on itself. Each of us is both mirror and symbol of that process, and like the Eternal, we have all of eternity to explore ourselves, so there’s no real hurry to get to where we’re going. It’s the journey that counts, rather than the ultimate destination, which is to become seamlessly part of the Eternal again, after aeons upon aeons of acting out otherwise.
Although eternity is infinite by its very nature, with the potential for limitless experience, it cannot truly allow beginnings and endings to be fully felt, since nothing ever ends in a realm that exists without boundaries, it merely transforms itself into something else.
Time’n’Space are a virtual reality created by the Eternal in order to offset this ironic oversight on the limits of limitlessness. The intersection of these two planes produces a tangible universe of length, width & depth, defined by physical, chemical and biological law and governed by the unmerciful tick of the clock. The desolate shadow of death hangs over everything, insuring endings, while the marvelous miracle of birth brings counterbalancing new beginnings.
As snowflakes of the divine, we are then given its run according to our particular skills in handling the various disciplines needed to try to put together a luminous mortal life there. We learn far more about ourselves in the unforgiving realms of mortality than we ever could on the far less arduous playing-fields of the immortals, while our collective tragedies and triumphs accrue to the wisdom of the Eternal.
Although Time’n’Space are relentless in their upholding of the laws of the virtual world of mortality, they operate on the same principles that eternity does. They use spirals and circular orbits to define much movement and shape, from the galactic on down to the subatomic. They also employ the resurrective powers of nature to continually replenish all perishables, and they utilize the circular sweep of the clock and the seasons to delineate linear time, so that inherent in our finite world are patterns of the infinite.
Mortal existence is purposefully stuttered, so that each life both stands alone and is part of a longer unknown continuum, once it completes its seed-to-dust course. That way, we continually experience everything with innocent eyes, instead of eternal ones, which keeps us forever young and forever old simultaneously. We also see how we fare on worlds where matter really matters, and what we need to work on, in order to make our needs and our wishes one and the same, whenever we parachute into restrictive airspace.
The problems we accrue, the friends and enemies we make, the deep connections we forge and our illusions and insights all feed into who we become each time around, as we continually recreate ourselves in the amnesia of Time’n’Space to see if we can remember our higher purpose amidst all the lower distractions those two so deceptively provide.
Virtual Realities
In purely mechanical terms, our lives are virtual reality projections of various elements of ourselves. Somehow, we have the ability to slip across the dimensions into the mortal world and plant ourselves into biological seeds to give them the life force necessary to continue, while intimately accompanying them on their journeys. The ultimate cellular bodies that grow out of these unions are specifically designed and programed to function in a four dimensional environment. Our resultant connection is so deep, that we come to see ourselves as one and the same with them.
What we think of as our bodies are really organic, carbon-based, biodegradable, DNA-directed Time’n’Spacesuits that can go from zero to sixty in six decades flat, while spanning the gamut of form from full egg to ultimately empty shell. These marvelously intricate creations, with 128 muscles for the face alone, are our official transport through the inflexible dimensions, and each is unique down to its fingerprints, with a lifetime guarantee that absolutely nothing is guaranteed with their use. While giving the perfect illusion of that basic trinity of mortal existence, birth, life and death, these handy and highly disposable biospheric receptacles can be discarded and recreated over and over again in endless combinations and recombinations, through the simple expediency of fertile tumescence and reception.
We, however, are not our Time’n’Spacesuits. We are only what is inside them: the thoughts, memories and feelings they hold. We wear them because the restricted zones require them, and when they break down beyond repair, we exit them and return to our basic state of sheer energy, until we’re ready to give another limited world another brief whirl in brand new bunting.
There are probably countless worlds in Time’n’Space that can be inhabited by busy little beings, and our small planet is but one of a limitless lot. There are also potentially endless shapes, species and sizes peopling our known universe, so to be human and to call Earth home is a relatively unique experience, and probably worth some bragging rights in the bar rooms of the beyond.
Eternity, after all, is where our true hearts and hearths lie, and where our extended energy families dwell. Mortality is totally alien to us. It’s a difficult, precarious state, and many who exist in energy form probably skip it altogether, preferring to serve as invisible guides to the more foolhardy, or as quiet clerks in the endless record sections, or in any of the myriad roles that keep the Eternal eternally rolling along.
Since the Earth is part of a vast virtual reality inside the Eternal, it, too, is capable of being programed into many parallel guises, so that infinite versions of our planet exist in the virtual reaches of Time’n’Space. Some still host dinosaurs, others are home to bug-eyed aliens who call the insects brother and sister, while still others have been reduced to barren, poisoned deserts and yet more endure as endless horns of plenty.
Nor is there any limit to the number of bodies we can run in any designated era, since the watchword for all existence is “infinite” which means anything and everything is possible, no matter how improbable, it may seem to our still very limited sense of awareness.




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