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Because we exist in the eternal spheres as sheer energy, the beings in the mortal universe who best reflect us are not even close to human in form. If we were suddenly to appear to ourselves as we really are, we would look like a miniature star: a blazing ball of energy, but with a familiar smile.
The stars unconsciously remind us of our eternal roots during our long childhood and adolescence in the virtual world of Time’n’Space, and serve as natural bridges between the dimensions. Although some of us do otherwise, most of us probably select one consistent home or hearthstar initially, and spend our early time in Time’n’Space in it’s visible and invisible reaches.
Since they are living entities like ourselves, hearthstars extend into the eternal, so that we connect with them on both sides of the reality divide. They give us access to their private heavens, as well as their public planets, which we use as our initial nurseries. Each has its own adaptive forms and myths and realities, and its own way of teaching and doing things. The hearthstar systems that we return to again and again during our early stay, come to be our parents, and they impart some of their personality on us, as well as some of their ways and beliefs, just as any home environment would.
Each star has a different angelic host, and many who choose not to go virtual, attach themselves to specific constellations to serve as their invisible teachers, custodians and guides. The rest of us dive right into the gene pools they offer, and as we splash around, we build relationships with others clumsily doing the same, which creates families for us. These families were probably forged far earlier in the eternal spheres, and they give us the intimates - lovers, mates, parents, children, friends and foes alike - who endow our lives with their special resonance and drama. Most of us are members of basic families who often go virtual together, and they, too, are subtle reminders of the eternity that lies at the hidden heart of our fleeting realities here.
All of us ultimately came to this obscure corner of the universe for the unusual challenge it offers. For some, this solar system serves as a standard introduction to Time’n’Space, and our sun is their hearthstar. Others have already been educated elsewhere, so this planet serves as a secondary school in furthering their skills. For still others, it’s a refresher course for what they may have forgotten in the more advanced realms, making for an odd mix of naifs, undergrads, grads and retros all trying to make sense out of one another here.
Be It Ever So Humbling
Because we live in a solar system that seems to have been created as an afterthought, some nine billion years after the Big Bang, it is a whole lot less evolved than the stellar networks in the older regions of the Milky Way. Our Earth is still an adolescent planet, calling for the relatively undeveloped to populate a greater portion of it and grow with it. Being comparatively new, it is also totally isolated, insuring an uninterrupted incubational period for its dominant species, without noticeable interference from anything outside its solar system. In this way, it was given both the time and space for its denizens to create their own independent belief systems to explain away their ignorance and fears.
Our version of this planet has been specifically designed so that its Time’n’Spacesuits hold no tangible memory of anything beyond themselves. Purse-lipped purists claim these suits are the only true way to experience the mortal world, since they purposefully block out any recall of anything beyond their own memory banks.
In a sense, our universe is a vast video arcade, and our Earth represents the games at their most intense level possible. We’re totally immersed in the virtual reality presented to us here, with nothing other than blind faith for our larger beliefs, while we play for the highest stakes imaginable: life & death.
As if that were not enough, this is a waterworld, with some 70% of its surface afloat in oceans, rivers or lakes. Our Time’n’Spacesuits are equally drenched to the gristle, since our cells are awash with that same percentage of the liquid of life, jacking the emotional level here up to the maximum, by allowing the full watery rainbow of feeling, from passion to depression to repression to absolute madness, to run wild and free on every single level here.
In keeping with its role as an environment designed specifically to draw out its players’ deepest feelings, our Earth offers great sorrow and tragedy in abundance, thanks to a sickening surfeit of violent exuberance and the equally indiscriminate and constant presence of its grinning, scythe-swinging companions: War, Famine, Pestilence and Death. All are token of a total immersion waterworld where fear and love are the two most rampant emotions, thanks to an overabundance of afflictions and unknowns, and a great need for affection and connection to offset them.
Fittingly, our Earth is also a world where everything is divided in twain: male & female, day & night, east & west, life & death, light & dark, love & fear, good & evil and on & on, so in addition to everything else, we must confront opposites all of the time, or try to find common ground with them. Not only does our planet deliberately make simple existence downright difficult for most of its denizens, but it forces them to feel their fears and failings and losses right to their very cellular core.
Although Earthlife is quite daunting on a whole host of levels, there is always a constant line of players waiting to get in, in order to try their luck and skill against one of the highest rated games on this level of the arcade. It’s the extreme challenge, then, that keeps the crowds coming, along with the foreknowledge that if you can deal with your roiling inner waters here, you can do so anywhere on this level of Time’n’Space.
Misery & Company
If everyone who ever lived on our Earth in the last 10,000 years, suddenly had a reunion, the majority experience of one and all, by far, would be to be born into abject poverty, live under tyrannical rule and die some horrible death. Anyone coming here at any time in our long collective story would have had better than a 50-50 shot at taking on that doleful triad no matter when or where they slipped into a seed.
If our planet is to make any sense at all, the big question is, why is the most common experience here so exceptionally bleak?
On a self-contained sphere such as our own, where death is the definitive word, everyone is forced to suffer deep loss as part of their ordinary package of survival. Inherent in coming here is an innate sorrow, because leavings are so abrupt and final, and that profound sadness has dribbled over into all other aspects of our existence.
Thanks to a consistent penchant for excess, a very large swath of the population here continually plays victim, until that archetypal role has become so ingrained in this planet’s collective psyche, that many continue to accept that design and designation unquestioningly, feeling it is their fate and their specialness to suffer. Until we all design our way past that collective pattern, it will continue to be the rule rather than the exception, and we will continue to have a world that treats most of its denizens most unkindly, because that’s what they’ve come to expect.
Our designs are also our beliefs, and as long as we support great suffering and privation as an accepted and acceptable fact of life, we will remain scarred as a species here. Our planet’s potential lies in our larger designs, as well as our individual ones, and the rise’n’fall civilizations we have created so far are as much the result of our emotional failings as they are of our logistical inventiveness.
Part of the problem is our extraordinary diversity, and our inability to recognize difference as a reflection, rather than a distortion of us. We have doe-eyed beginners, barely settling into their unfamiliar bodies. We have fierce martial artists, looking to notch their belts ever higher. We have dilettantes, who like to smorgasbord many worlds. We have longtime earthlings, who have been here since savannah times and feel a special kinship for the planet. We have back-to-the-future-ites who periodically like to return to clean up simpler elements of their past. We also have those who have fallen down their own wells, the insane and the demonic, who act without restraint, and finally, we have ordinary folk, who take comfort in those who most closely mirror them.
Our common linkage is a mutual desire to explore the full circle of our emotional selves here, and some of us are far more resistant to that process than others, which makes for an ongoing awful-truth environment for one and all.
Our planet is, above all else, a virtual reality designed primarily to give us profound access to our hearts, and all who play here are potentially prey to all the wounds which can possibly be inflicted upon that vulnerable organ. Even the heartless violators and exploiters who dwell among us, can be subject to fatal attacks from within, as reminder of why they really came here.
Our twinkling presence on Earth, then, does have a unifying goal, in its universal desire to know itself better at the heart level. By coming here, we have all made the choice of dealing with that most troublesome of elements, raw feeling, and until we all really do, looking for love through the company of misery, will continue to be this planet’s number one social design.


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