Designing Lives

Jefferson Davis Lyndon Johnson

The singular weapon of choice all of us carry in Time’n’Space, is choice itself. By making choices, we create our own unique pathway through the virtual mortal worlds. Our ability to forge clear, sound decisions for ourselves here is key to our rate of development, and it is the singular facility which really separates us from one another, since we are all equally part of the Eternal.
When we first go virtual, we probably have our existences totally designed for us, much as a baby does to aid it in its initial helplessness. Each hearthstar has its own training program, beginning with learning how to be in a disposable body. Since we are sheer energy, when we come over from eternity, we can slip into any mortal form. Most of us have been rough beasts and lower as a means of orienting ourselves to Time’n’Space, and have gradually built up to the higher, more complex species.
Because the mortal spheres are so alien to our natural free-flowing nature, our aptitude for connection with others is of paramount importance. The heart realm and our capacities for love and self-love are tested more than any other elements of ourselves when we are unyoked from eternity, for we no longer have the unquestioned knowledge that we are intimately part of something far greater than ourselves.
The standard pattern of development in Time’n’Space, no matter the species, is first learning to master the basics of survival, procreation and socialization, and then discovering how to properly thread them through the heart arena. These skills can be won while wearing feathers, scales, fur, or any kind of skin. They are all instinctual, save for the heart realm, which easily becomes damaged when instinct turns to outright dysfunction, and the problematic begins to overwhelm the practical.
Despite being part of a race called human, we all go at our own speed, according to what we can and cannot do, so that no one really wins, until everyone does, making for an extremely long contest that does not end until the last is truly first. We’re a race that must learn to run cooperatively rather than competitively, if we are ever to get to the finish line together, but that is a lesson yet to be collectively learned, thanks to the scary mirror view we still hold of everyone here who isn’t just like us.
Entry Designs
Our entry designs have an overwhelming bearing on our lives, dictating what we will look like, whether we will be whole or with parts missing, who our early models will be and whether we will be children of privilege, poverty or abandonment. As soon as we make our wailing entrance, we are introduced to the social patterns we’re expected to follow, so that our subsequent lives revolve around the choices we make in accepting or rejecting our introductory reality, which also sometimes rejects us.
Our parents can range from members of our eternal family, to whom we are profoundly connected, to relative strangers, who, nevertheless, offer the environment we specifically need for that particular go-round. They are part of our design as well, and we make contracts and agreements with them before we even come down, to insure that the circumstances we need are kept, be they wholesome or gruesome. Since the Earth is a day & night world, we come here to explore our own darkness, as well as our light, making for the rampaging range of behavior exhibited here.
What we bring to our nascent designs, each time around, is everyone and everything we have ever been up until their creation. If we’re caught in a problem area, then it is deliberately designed into our lives so that we have no choice but to try to get past it. We probably work more closely with our designers as we progress through Time’n’Space, but laying out a proper blue print and then trying to translate it into mortal life, are two different matters entirely. If we hold self-views that far exceed the skills behind them, we will be constantly reminded of our shortcomings, and our lessons will all be of the humiliating variety.
When problem areas become woefully enflamed, they illicit no-choice designs, where tragedy is invoked to force us to open our inner eyes. Heartbreak, suffering and loss are all tools to teach us about the potential strength and resilience of our hearts. One of the primary teaching tools of our planet is learning through deep wounding. This process reveals us at our most naked and vulnerable, leaving us with no choice, but to turn inward and try to redesign and heal our injured interiors.
If our belief designs harbor extreme hurt as an acceptable mode of knowing ourselves, then we will continue to search it out. Painful experience can be an addiction like anything else here, and we can perpetually design it into our lives, until we find the right choices and experiences to finally get past it, if we so choose.
Living in Time’n’Space is all about experimenting, tinkering and recognizing flaws and failings while making our temporal, spatial designs more in keeping with the wholeness we feel in our natural habitat, eternity, through our direct connection with the Eternal there. Being mortal and human, particularly on this planet, is to be disconnected and desperately looking for some kind of palpable sign that there is a larger world at work above our transient one.
Our fears, our ignorance and our rage at being stamped ‘temporary,’ when we really are eternal at heart, is enough to make the most sane among us, go occasionally amok. It is little wonder, then, that the human world we have collectively created for ourselves so far, remains so far from where we would like it to be.
Although we abandon our Time’n’Spacesuits when we run out of both time and space in them, we carry their memories and wounds with us back into eternity. Our minds and our hearts are the two elements in our make-up which exist simultaneously in and out of Time’n’Space. Like us, they are eternal, and if our experiences here deeply touch either in the negative, those bruises become permanent features, like scars, until we learn how to transmute them back into being softer, more pliable parts of ourselves.
Often our illnesses are closely associated with the longtime wounds we carry on our bodies, so that difficulties in communication can lead to throat cancers, great unresolved anger to brain tumors, and problems with expressing love to heart damage, among the litany of disease that can afflict our Time’n’Spacesuits. Everything that happens to us here, death included, is part of a larger design geared towards our ultimately feeling healed and complete and whole, so that we can move on to the next level of existence.
Those who enter with parts missing or malfunctioning, or who incur grievous injury later on, are using their bodies as highly personal arenas to test themselves, whether it is to find the courage and heart to surmount extreme disability, or to satisfy the need to develop other parts of themselves to compensate for what they no longer have. The lame, the halt and the blind are all deliberate archetypal design patterns to make us more fully aware of ourselves, and to help us appreciate what we do have, rather than mourn what we do not.
Because the Earth is a full circle world of the emotions, we also get to experience the complete circle of ourselves here, so anything we do to anyone else, eventually boomerangs back to us, and we must deal with the shadows of all our actions. We are inherently creatures of the circle of eternity, not the straight line of mortality, so our designs revolve around broad, rather than narrow, experiences, and we wind up playing a variety of roles around all the stories and themes we create.
Some of us love extremes, and adopt madness, homelessness, hopeless addiction and other pariah states to amplify our experiences. Living on the precipice can actually be the guise of someone who has been here quite a while and is willing to take on more and more risky roles, to test his or her skills at survival. Conversely, comfortable conventionality can be the mark of a relative beginner, who requires far less challenging elements. Where we stand in society has little to do with who we really are. It is the choices we make with what we are given that truly reveal us to ourselves.
Since we exist outside of Time’n’Space, we are not restricted by its illusory linear flow whenever we return to it, and can come back into any epoch or era we so choose, whether it is way in the future of where we last dwelt, or way in the past. In the same manner that space expands, through parallel guises, so does time in order to complement it, giving us endless arenas in which to act out our dramas.
Because we are far more than our Time’n’Spacesuits, we can also run as many of them as we wish at one time on this side of the divide, so that some of us have simultaneous lives all over the planet, serially feeding into one another, in order to take full advantage of all the possibilities present for us.
Each of our lives, then, is part of the distinctive, individual patterns we bring to them. Each go-round is tailored specifically to our needs and our capacities to both nurture and love ourselves and others, as well as our incapacity to do the same, along with our abilities and inabilities to make the choices that will help manifest our desires.
Each life also brings us closer to who we are, and who we will be when we finally complete the circle of ourselves that makes up that small part of the Eternal, which we can proudly, but not pridefully, call our own.


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