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4D Musings

Reality 101

We view the first four dimensions as the tangible manifestation of time’n’space, or what we call our basic reality. The initial trio of height, width and depth, give heft to the physical sphere, while the fourth dimension places them in the context of temporal movement.
On the simplest level, this quartet is known as the Dungeon Dimensions. They are the lowest level of the defined universe, and like everything else in the realm of what we think of as perceptible, palpable reality, they are quite illusionary.
Our actual universe is a multiverse, with a multitude of levels and dimensions and a virtually infinite reach, via its ability to create endless parallel realities off of whatever we think or feel is the singular one in which we dwell.
This phenomenon has created an endless number of Earths, each one fashioned according to its own story, sacred myth and timeline. On some, dinosaurs still dwell as the dominant sentient species, with the ability to fashion both tools and weapons with their rough appeasable thumbs, while on others humanity never made its bow, and will never appear, according to the needs and wishes of those who give shape and form to these lower highly deceptive realms.
Time is also an inconstant element, moving in all directions, from frontwards to sideways to backwards, depending on the sense of perception brought to it. In addition, there are a host of other dimensions existing above and beyond our current abilities to perceive them, so that our multiverse is totally out of our current perceptual reach, because of the relatively low level in which we collectively currently operate.
It is as if we look at the world around us with dimmer switches muting our abilities to perceive, per our need to slowly develop our larger sense perceptions around the Earthly plane.
As we collectively evolve, then, our abilities to see, feel and understand our greater multiverse is totally contingent on how much light we let in, or conversely shut out. Each of us operates differently, so that some of us are able to grasp invisible worlds here, while others remain rooted in popular misconceptions, without the ability to look beyond them.
There is no literal timetable for any of us. We all move through the Dungeon Dimensions according to our own perceptual abilities. We are not in a race with one another to see who completes this perceptual obstacle course the first. Rather, we each move at our own pace, as individual energy emblems of the unifying whole of the larger multiverse.

Footprints in the Sand
4Dbios operates under the premise that all of us leave tangible footprints in the great sands of time, that are both noticeable and traceable, with each of us a unique snowflake. Some of us have a great need to be public figures, while the greater majority of us do not, preferring to wend our ways known only to intimates.
Those who have a need to write their names larger than most, also serve as teachers, both positive and negative, for everyone else, particularly those who feel compelled to go after leadership positions lifetime after lifetime.
The idea that drives lower dimension life seems to be that we keep accruing to our various experiences, until we eventually create a full circle of ourselves, at which point, we can then transcend this plane into the higher dimensions. There we either serve as designers or guides for those down in the Dungeon Dimensions as both positive and negaive models. Once we finish our time in palpable space, we also have the choice of cavorting unencumbered in the unknown realms above us, to do whatever it is those who make it up there, do.

We Are Family
All of us seem to be part of larger families, who continually incarnate with us, while we play different roles within their framework. Sometimes we are the dominant figures around whom others wheel, and sometimes we play support roles so that others within our groupings can take center-stage.
Our various designs and choices of eras are all group decisions, depending on the various needs we all have together. Occasionally we incarnate outside our basic groupings because of the need to see what life is like when not initially surrounded by intimates. Our subsequent existences can have a strong sense of disconnection because of this dynamic. And yet, as with everything else here, there is a need on our parts to experience the full range of sentient existence, from both the perspective of being embraced by those we feel closest to, and to be completely disengaged from our familiar associates to see how we react to profound disconnection.

All that we do is part of the full circle of experience we need to undergo in order to fully feel the physical and emotional realms that underlie existence in both time'n'space. It is important to note we are never alone here. We are all deeply rooted in the invisible spheres where we exist as sheer energy, and our connections with those we love are always with us, even though we sometimes feel profound disconnection from everyone and everything.

The 21st Century
The 21st Century by the reckoning of our Western Civilization clocks is one where we will be moving up from a global sense of self to a galactic one. If we are able to collectively navigate through all the problems we have created for ourselves, by century’s end, we shall be heading back out to the stars to explore, exploit and colonize, just as did five hundred years ago when we broached the great oceans to rediscover our planet. If we do it right, the marvels of the greater universe await us.

And if we do it wrong, it's back to the drawingboard, just as it alwyas is, in this multi-dimensional realm of endless choice.



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