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The Biography section contains a detailed look at the thousands of lives in the lists from a 4th Dimensional perspective. It strings them together in time, to show how we all work on repetitive themes, while surrounding ourselves with familiar figures who serve as friend, family and sometimes competitive foe, as we continually search for completion within ourselves in the restricted sphere of Time’n’Space.

Once a life is selected from the vertical lists, it can then be accessed by clicking the links at the top of any of the columns on its page. Once the webpage appears, the life can then be found via the Find or Search function.

Since many of the lives described here are still active, they will be periodically updated. Each of the 4D Bios is headed by a general archetype, and then a storyline reflecting what that individual is currently working out, or has been working out in his or her last series of lives. Using the Gerhard Schroeder/Franklin Roosevelt character as an example, he is headed by:

Storyline: The ebullient enchanter combines a lusty love of power with an upbeat personality and excellent social skills to compensate for a certain shallowness that is rarely probed because of his ongoing winning and winsome ways.

In the Schroeder-Roosevelt connection, the birthdate of the former, 4/7/1944, precedes the death date of the latter, 4/12/1945, which is not an uncommon phenomenon, since everyone has the potential to run more than one body during any given time period. All lives in the lower dimensions, after all, are reflection of the experiential needs of the greater souls who create and maintain them. They, in turn, exist far beyond our mere mortal understanding of the complex dynamics governing time’n’space.

Underneath his Pathway and Storyline are some of this individual’s many go-rounds in the realms of power.His cohorts and his support group are all listed and limned with him, to give an idea of how families and groupings keep returning together in order to play off of one another, much as your own social set and bloodline probably does. The names in parenthesis following names from the past indicate their current or best known most recent incarnation.

Because we live in a virtually limitless virtual reality, all of us have the potential for rulership somewhere. The people who have taken on that responsibility are reflectors of the larger dynamic here, but somewhere, in some time period, there are worlds which reflect the rest of us. If we so choose, we all come to rule there as well, with our own little support groups, bloodline families, and competitive foes, after learning from those who do so on our own small planet.

We are all, after all, engaged in an endless learning experience, teaching one another the intricacies of existence in the restricted and unforgiving sphere of Time’n’Space via our failures as well as our successes.

All the people written about in 4D Bios are show-and-tell figures preparing the rest of us for our ultimate rise to power somewhere in the universe, if we should choose that particular pathway as a means of self-expression and self-realization.

Our solar system is one of many schools in the larger universe, and the Earth is above all else, a classroom for everyone who wants to learn about the intricacies of mortality on a sphere that explains little, demands a lot, and is played for the highest stakes imaginable - life & death.

Here, then, are the stories of those who dared to think that they could master this uncompromising place through the power of their will, and what it did to them over the last several millennia.

Perhaps some of the rest of us will join their company over this next stretch, when new skills will be demanded of our leaders, in a world ready to shoot for the stars, but also so overwhelmed with its own problems, that it could easily self-destruct, as well.

The same holds true for those who have set the yardsticks by which we measure creative achievement, be it in film, print, music or the plastic arts. They also represent our planetary standards around genius and mediocrity, and their inclusion and exclusion are constantly expanding and contracting to embrace newcomers and release those who have moved on elsewhere to explore their active imaginations. As always, the past, as well as the present, are cautionary tales of what the future will bring, and these linked biographical stories are all offered in that light.

Welcome, then, to 4D Bios, for what they may teach about what has happened in the long ago, what is happening now, and what may be coming up next for all of us, famous, infamous and anonymous alike.


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